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Attributes are the core statistics for every hero, consisting of strength, agility, and intelligence. Attributes are gained when a hero levels up, equips certain items, or uses certain abilities. For details regarding attributes for specific heroes, Table of hero attributes can be used.

STA.png Stamina

General bonus

  • 30 Health points per point
  • 0.05 Physical armor per point

STR.png Strength

General bonus

  • 1 Base damage per point
  • 0.05 Health regen per point

AGI.png Agility

General bonus

  • 0.5 bonus damage per point
  • 0.4 attack speed per point

INT.png Intelligence

General bonus

  • 1 Spell power per point (Spell damage + Spell heal)
  • 15 Mana points per point

SPR.png Spirit

General bonus

  • 0.1 Magic armor per point
  • 0.15 Mana regen per point