Desolate Wastes

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Notable NPCs

All notables are inside Desolated Camp. The only two NPCs outside the encampment (Daeagon and Witch) don't provide anything to players

Wild creatures

Lost Soul, Shattered Soul, Soul Construct, Keep Scout, Keep Enforcer, Napper, Golem, Slithereen

Under special circumstances one Shattered Swordsman can spawn

Points of interest

Desolated Camp. Where new players reincarnate, can find multiples quests to do and all tier 2 Heroes are located. Inside the encampment you can also buy and sell items at the Blacksmith, craft and refill your potions with the Alchemist and fill your health and mana with the Chif.

Shattered Swordsman. Located at south of Desolated Camp. You can easily spot a skeleton in the ground around a golden triangle. Under special circumstances a one Shattered Swordsman can spawn there.

Acedia Bridge. Its the only path connecting Desolate Wastes with the rest of the map. You can only pass though the gate after defeating the Tyrant (inside the Desolate Stockade dungeon).

Desolate Mine. Protected with Golems you can find the Mine just at east from Desolate Stockade. There you can mine some resources.

Desolate Campfire. South of the Butchers Sepulcher you can find, hidden in the trees, a campfire. There you can receive the Fountain Healing buff. There you can locate two NPCs, Daeagon and Witch.


Butchers Sepulcher. At north-west of Desolate Wastes you can find the Butcher.

Desolate Stockade. At south-west of Desolate Wastes you can find the Butcher.




Though the whole zone you can harvest some plants and gather:



Inside the Desolate Mines you can find:

Copper Dust

Mana Crystal