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Types of Videos to Post on Instagram

When it comes to posting videos on Instagram, there are many different types to choose from. While it can be a challenge to maintain an audience's attention for more than 60 seconds, this format has many benefits. Not only will it keep your followers' attention, but it will also increase your organic reach. You can also create your own videos and add them to your Instagram account. Below are some examples of popular types of videos to post on Instagram. One of the best ways to post a video to Instagram is to use the new stories feature. These videos are just like photos, but they are short clips that disappear after 24 hours. They are a great way to create spontaneous content or update followers on your life in a snap. These videos have separate aesthetics from your feed, which makes them easy to share. These videos are also great for promoting a specific brand or product. The next type of video to post on Instagram is a short tutorial. This type of video will make a lasting impact because people love learning. Whether you're an artist, fashion designer, or makeup artist, a tutorial is an effective way to share your knowledge. These short videos often feature an easy step-by-step method that will have your audience engrossed in what you're teaching. This kind of video will help you teach your followers something new. It will be more interesting to your audience when it's something that is new and exciting. They also tend to have shorter durations, which makes them easier to watch. These types of videos are also usually sped up and edited to highlight the final product. You should try to create a short tutorial in a format that is easily digestible. The type of video can be of any kind. From cooking to making music, a tutorial can help your audience learn how to make an outfit in under a minute. In addition to a full tutorial, short videos can be a part of your story. Once you have a video posted on Instagram, make sure to share it with your followers. The key is to make a tutorial that is engaging and new. This is the most important type of video to post on Instagram, as your audience is more likely to watch it. This will help you get more views and get more followers. This type of video will engage your audience with your products. However, there are other channels to get more views. For more information, check